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(2.5 KVA, 48 V) 
Fusion Series Pure Sine Wave Commercial UPS

Solar Compatibility Fusion Series Pure Sine Wave Commercial UPS is compatible with Solar and can be used as solar inverter.

The world’s most advanced commercial UPS Based on the world’s most advanced DSP Sine Wave Technology, Fusion Pure Sine Wave UPS is the World's most advanced Commercial UPS. The power it supplies is actually purer than the power supplied from the mains. This is clearly evident, as appliances don't make any irritating, humming sound as they do on normal UPS available in the market.

Today, with expensive equipment like computers, water motor pumps, microwave ovens and air conditioners being used extensively, an ordinary UPS cannot supply the right kind of power to run these everyday utilities. Here the Fusion gives the consumer the additional advantage of being able to power all their electronic appliances, whenever required.
Dimension (DXWXH)
395 x 245 x 355
Weight (kg)
Warranty (Months)

Su-kam Fusion 2.5 Sine Wave Commercial UPS (2.5 KV

  • Solar Compatibility

    Fusion Series Pure Sine Wave Commercial UPS is compatible with Solar and can be used as solar inverter.


    • DSP Based PWM technology using MOSFET: DSP is one of the most powerful technologies and is meant for high speed processing applications. This helps in saving loss of power, which happens during the process of power generation by a normal Commercial UPS.
    • Pure Sinewave Output: Pure Sine Wave is 100% clean, regulated, and completely stable and distortion free power, which is absolutely safe for running sophisticated appliances without humming & irritating sound.
    • Instant switchover:In case of power failure, the process of switchover to the battery mode is of few milliseconds hence the power supplied to the connected appliances, like computer is not interrupted, as a result of which the system does not reboot.
      • Protection for your Appliances: A feature, which will automatically switch on to the Battery mode in case there is extreme high or low voltage supplied from the mains, hence protecting your valuable equipment.
      • Constant Supply of Power: The voltage supplied by the CUPS during power failure will not differ with the increase or decrease in the load, hence delivering electricity consistently through CUPS. The voltage & frequency at the battery mode will be consistent and will not be affected by increase or decrease in the load for example – The consistency in the speed of the fan.
      • Fuzzy Logic Charging Technique: Su-Kam’s unique patented technology that protects the battery, reduces frequency of water topping and enhances battery life by sensing the requirement of charging required by the battery.
      • Customized Charging Facility: Special provision of a Dual charging system has been in built into the Su-Kam’s Fusion Pure Sine Wave Commercial UPS wherein the user can increase the speed of Charging of the batteries as per requirement. This feature is very useful in areas with high power cuts.
      • Battery Water topping Alarm: Intelligent reminder for flooded lead acid batteries. You will not have to remember as to when to top up the batteries. The message will be displayed after every 3 months.
      • High Temperature Warning and Over Temperature Shutdown: In case of excess heating, the system displays warning and shuts down automatically, thus increasing the life
      • LCD Display Panel: The state-of-the-art LCD panel not only helps the consumer in calculating the total life of the battery connected, it also helps them manage the load and control the back up time. This LCD screen indicates the load and battery level and indicates the total hours of backup generated by the batteries
      • Bypass Feature (24x7 Service): Incase of maintenance of the battery/failure of CUPS or during the servicing of the CUPS, the customer can directly switch to the Mains by a simple twist of a switch, and will not need any electrician to remove any wires from the CUPS
      • Wide UPS Mode/UPS Mode: A switch at the back of the CUPS allows you to select UPS mode or W-UPS mode depending on your requirement. In UPS mode the input power supply range is limited so you can use this mode to run your computer only. While in W-UPS mode the range of input power supply is wide so as to allow you to run heavy appliances like Air Conditioner, Refrigerator etc.
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      The Fusion Pure Sine Wave Commercial USP is a workhorse power back up system ideally suited for modern offices with sensitive appliances as well as a dependence on uninterrupted power.
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